Software won’t do your job for you

“The control key (CTRL) is a modifier key, which when pressed in conjunction with another key, performs a special operation, for example CTRL+C. The control key rarely performs any function pressed by itself.”

But why the heck do we care?

Well, because I’m (not so) secretly a nerd. And it seemed like a perfect name for our product, since that describes just how we think good software works. 

Here’s the thing. The product itself won’t make you successful. Just like a good CRM relies on you having a good process, works best for sales managers who bring a development driven approach, and helps them to channel their efforts for the best performance.

We want to support those managers to have the bravery to look beyond the quarterly window and beyond quota to truly develop their team and drive growth.

So, it’s worth stopping to think about the tools that you use now. Are they acting as a modifier to help you do the thing that makes you successful?

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