Spot issues and course correct
without leaving the tab.

Use ctrl deal check to review and give feedback on deals.


Spot potential issues

Alerts give you a head start on knowing where to look closer.

Plain English hints make quick reading of what might need your attention, without having to analyse data on the spot.

See the right info

Is the rep on top of this deal?

Even with skill and experience, it can be tricky to tell at a glance.

Deal check shows you what’s most relevant to make a quick judgement on how things are going.

Add your feedback

Your advice can make all the difference.

Send it to HubSpot as a note so the rep can see it right there on the deal.

Or send it by email so the rep can review it and take action straight away.

Either way, you’ll have it so you remember to talk about it next time you have a pipeline review.

Your feedback keeps deals moving.

Ctrl deal check keeps it where it belongs.