Improving sales team performance?

Sales managers are a force multiplier. enables them day to day, where the work happens.

There's so much to keep track of

On top of 1:1s and structured coaching, managers spend so much time supporting the team through impromptu conversations.

Docs and sheets don't scale. is where they can manage beyond the CRM and build a culture of commitment and visibility.

Jot it down

Notes with benefits. Track your conversations better than a rolling doc, and quicker than sending an email.

Follow up

Be clear about who will do what with assigned actions, and keep them front and centre so they aren't forgotten once you finish the conversation.

Bring it all together

Use team profiles to help you manage each person by noting wins, issues and seeing a history of your interactions.

How it works helps you build the daily practices that sales leaders rely on to motivate and support their teams.

Connect your calendar

Use to manage your 1:1s, pipeline reviews and other sessions that you already have set up in your calendar.

Make it stick

Assign follow up actions, and share them with the notes when you’re ready.

Remember the wins

Note the wins and challenges as they happen for everyone on the team.

Stay on track

Load a template instantly to keep each event focused on the right things.

Don't lose sight

Keep track of who’s doing what with automatic reminders, so things don’t get lost.

Develop your team

With all the details in one view, you’re in a great place for team development. 

Wondering if it'll fit?

Can't I just use a CRM to note actions?

CRM’s are great for tracking pipeline activity. is for noting actions about personal and team development.

Isn't this just another piece of HR software?

Nope. is built to help you make the most of day-to-day interactions to develop your team. It naturally complements any HR system and will make doing reviews easier.

Is this more work?

Nope. Saves you time and replaces the need to search in docs, emails, chat channels and any other tools you use to take notes and follow up on action items.

But I have coaching software...?

That’s great! If you have insights about what to coach from call or deal analysis tools, helps you track what you’ve coached and follow up to manage overall progress.

Will this fit my process?

Sure will. You can customise the templates to suit whatever process you and your team use. Just connect your calendar, categorise your events and away you go!

Does everyone on the team use it?

Kind of! You can share notes and your team can mark their actions complete without having to remember yet another login …