Improving sales team performance?

Avoid the "super-rep" trap

You want managers to coach.
You need them to be in the deals.

With, deals are the launchpad for coaching.

How it works

Review the deals

No matter which CRM you have, use the Chrome extension for quick feedback on the things that move deals forward.

Then share the review directly with the rep, no need to wait until their next pipeline review.

Make conversations count

In pipeline reviews and coaching conversations, use reviews to give clear examples and highlight patterns.

Adding actions gives clear commitment to change that you can follow up on easily.

Spot patterns and celebrate progress

With deal reviews, updates and a coaching diary in one place it's easy to plan for development.

Going beyond bookings and activity, use review scoring trends to see improvement driven by coaching.

Coaching the coach

Help each manager to improve when you can see what they are doing with the team, not just what the team has done.

Visibility on types of coaching, time spent with each person, and what actions they are creating gives insights on how they can have the most impact.

Wondering if it'll fit?

But I have coaching software...?

That’s great! If you have insights about what to coach from call or deal analysis tools, helps you track what you’ve coached and follow up to manage overall progress.

Does it integrate with my CRM?

The Chrome extension is built to be used with any CRM, so there’s no integration necessary. All you need is a view of a single deal.

Is this performance management? is built to help you make the most of day-to-day interactions with your team. It naturally complements any HR system and will make doing reviews easier.

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