To guide a manager, you need to focus on what they do

(and make it easier for them to do the right things)

Use your CRM to understand deals and reps.
Use to understand your managers.

Use less effort to do the right things is built around the day-to-day flow of managing a team,
so it fits in without adding more work.

Managers are in the deals

Go beyond reviewing calls - how's the seller handling the deal overall?

Managers can add a quick rating and comment using the Chrome extension (no CRM integration required, phew).

Understanding how a manager does reviews shows where they might need help.

A doc doesn't do this

In pipeline reviews and coaching conversations with each seller, their deal reviews are ready to use as examples and highlight patterns.

Templates in aren't just headings. Include a pipeline check-in that remembers what they said last time (that's one less spreadsheet to worry about).

Actions lead to results

Everyone should leave each meeting or impromptu chat knowing what needs to happen next, so actions are easy to assign and follow up on.

Here's the real bonus: seeing the actions managers are setting (and that they are setting them) means you can help them give their team the right guidance.

Getting out of the weeds

Managers can break out of the "didn't we talk about this already?" groundhog day with deal reviews, updates, actions and a coaching diary in one place.

So when you ask how it's going with their team, they can tell you more than just pipeline metrics.

Coaching the coach

Now you have a way to see how managers are interacting with their teams, you can lead by example.

Steer them away from becoming "super reps" with data about how they manage and coach.

Help them with their top priority: to support and guide their teams.

Wondering if it'll fit?

But I have coaching software...?

That’s great! If you have insights about what to coach from call or deal analysis tools, helps you track what you’ve coached and follow up to manage overall progress.

Does it integrate with my CRM?

The Chrome extension is built to be used with any CRM, so there’s no integration necessary. All you need is a view of a single deal.

Is this performance management? is built to help you make the most of day-to-day interactions with your team. It naturally complements any HR system and will make doing reviews easier.

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