Your one-on-one time with a rep
is your best chance to help them win.

Use the ctrl rep canvas to focus your pipeline review.

Get the big picture

See the forest before you look at the trees.

Before talking deals with a rep take a look at coverage, attainment, commit, and pipeline movement to understand where they are.

You’ll be ready to make a plan for any gaps.

Focus on the right deals

Don’t get distracted by the shiny logo or the latest email.

Use triage to understand which deals they are counting on, how it stacks up against their commit and what needs to happen on each one.

Bring your feedback

Use deal reviews to bring up any issues you’ve spotted between sessions.

The standard structure means they understand what you’re evaluating and how it helps them win, making it easier for them to level up (without micromanaging).

Set clear expectations

Looks like a dashboard – but not quite.

The bonus of a canvas is having a place to note a commit or actions to take.

Without it, you wonder “did we talk about that” but now you can follow up for accountability and celebrate the wins.

Pipeline reviews are about planning for success.

Ctrl event canvas keeps them focused.