Help reps align their deals
to their commit.

Use ctrl triage to get on the same wavelength.


Avoid storytime

Don’t get caught up in a long “how’s the deal going?” ramble.

Jump to the productive part of the conversation when reps can rate how confident they are about closing deals in their pipeline, without having to wait until they are ready to officially forecast it.

See how it adds up

You might have the coverage, but do you have the deals?

Get specific and compare the “likely” and “maybe” totals with their commit.

When it lines up, you can make sure things are locked down on the deals they chose to have the best chance at winning.

Spot the mismatch

Root out the happy ears.

Get confident about their confidence by compare rep ratings with your review on a deal.

You can help them turn a “maybe” into a “likely” with some helpful feedback.


You can ignore the opinion of
the person closest to the deal.

Or you can use ctrl triage to use it, wisely.