Helping your team to value conversations

When you judge a rep on their demos, do you judge them based on how much of your product they show off?

Do you expect them to talk about your company, your history, your why?

Let’s face it, nobody is really interested in hearing about your vision for world domination or your list of features and how your widget now has a scrollbar.

Your reps will do much better in demos if you guide them to start by listening. Not just listening with the intent to respond, but asking questions that help them get a sense of the problem(s) the prospect is facing. Those questions will uncover nuggets of information that can be used to tailor a demo, to show how your product helps make their lives easier.

We fail our sales reps by making them focus on the whizz bang features. The features are all for naught if you can’t relate them to a problem, pain or need.

You don’t sell spreadsheets by saying “you can put data in rows and columns”. You sell spreadsheets on the problem of “making sense of your data” and how easy it is to paint a picture using charts and tables.

Teach your reps that the value is in the conversation, not the presentation

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