Doing the basics right

There are tons of different flavours of fitness advice. Don’t rest between sets, rest for longer. Do more reps with light weights, do less reps with heavy weights. For every piece of advice, you’ll find the opposite. People love to argue the details and fall in love with hacks and shortcuts – just like lots of sales advice here on LinkedIn!

So when I read a really straightforward post that reminded me how you need to focus first on getting the basics right to build a base of strength, I thought about how it’s the same with sales advice. And it’s true whatever sales model you subscribe to.

In reality every sales rep knows they need to be consistent. Then we get bombarded with lots of additional things that “help” but they are a distraction until you build your strong base. 

You don’t need to tweak for optimum cadences and sequence timing until you have your messaging figured out.  

You don’t need to have your messaging figured out until you define your ICP.  

Gotta break it down to the absolute minimum and get that right before you tack on all the extra stuff.

The potential for improvement is so much richer if you get consistent with the basics and don’t over complicate your process. 

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