When good reps go bad

When you’re managing people, you might finally reach a stage where you think you know the job inside and out. Then it’ll jump up and bite you in the ass. 

I had an experienced rep fall off a cliff on lead conversion rates and pipeline creation. 

It was a yellow flag that something was amiss. When I investigated, turns out he was sending out a 10MB email on first touch with 5 attachments. Basically, a full on multi touch sequence in one email. 


“I thought it was more productive… “

The real reason? He was trying to be too clever. I explained the issue with that, he went back to the standard process and by step 3 he was getting more engagement and building his pipeline back up.

It goes to show you need to focus on the old hands as much as the newbies and you can’t assume they have it all figured out. When you take your eye off the ball, crazy stuff happens

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