Telling isn’t coaching…

My daughter was asking how to copy and paste an image, so I got my son to help her out. As soon as I asked him though, I realised what he’d inevitably do is just take over and do it for her, so next time she’d have to ask again.

I spotted that because I’ve seen sales managers fall into the same trap with their reps. It’s so easy to tell them how to close that deal, or help them overcome that objection that we forget that we need to coach sales reps, so they can learn how to handle it themselves. 

It’s the whole “teach a person to fish” story, right?

Why do so many managers fall into this trap? 

Is it because of the tactical focus on quota attainment and the primary objective to hit a number?  

Is it just easier to get that deal done and focus on the myriad of things you’re caught up in – fighting fires, dealing with internal team drama, the CEO bombing your carefully crafted and organised calendar?

It happens … Just try not let it be the default operating mode where you end up having to step in every time.

If you can really coach them, you’ll do more for them longer term for their career, you will be a better manager and ultimately the team will get more deals across the line. 

It’s a win/win/win 🙂

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