Sales Coaching is dead. Long live the sales coach

Now that I have your attention 😁

$200B a year is spent in the U.S. alone on sales training. Lots of sales teams might feel that money went down the drain if the same old issues keep cropping up. 

Before you blame the trainers, think about whether you’ve put the time and effort into making it stick after the trainer has left the building – because that’s on you.

How do you do that? 

Create habits, have a routine for following up, know how you put things into practise and make sure your reps can easily reference what they learned.

You might think “we don’t have coaching software yet” imagining something like Gong or Refract, or dare I say it, but the truth is you can start simple with what you already have. Make sure what the team was trained on is embedded in the systems and processes that you already use, until you have so many people or are too busy to manage it that way and need to bring in something more formal.

💡Do yourself (and your trainer, and your team) a favour and create a process for follow-up and taking action.💡

Ultimately that is what will make it stick.

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