Now you have the data, what you gonna do with it?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that more views of data aren’t what we need. 

People often assume that will connect to their CRM and show pipeline/deal/activity data when we talk about coaching their team. The thing is, they already have all of that. In a board view, a spreadsheet, a chart on a dashboard, take your pick. 

I’m confident in what we can build, but I still don’t think I can solve your problems using numbers you already have access to.

I think the gap is in what you do now you’ve looked at those numbers. When you’ve decided what needs to happen next. The metrics themselves are passive. You need to bring the “drive” to “data-driven” to make something change. 

You can point at numbers all day long but having a clear commitment to action that you follow up on is what has an impact, so that’s where I’m focused.

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