Manage managers like you manage reps

We know there’s more to managing a rep than just looking at quota attainment. We know it’s about managing the activities, not just looking at the results in the rear view mirror.

So are we missing something if we don’t manage our managers in the same way? If we only look at their team’s pipeline, and not their management activities, are we missing ways to help *them* to improve?

I see comments all the time like “I don’t need to micromanage” and “I hire people that can get the job done”… Sure that sounds great but if that’s the case then no-one needs to be managed ever. Kinda doesn’t happen right? 

Everyone needs some guidance and input at some stage.

So shouldn’t you manage your managers the same way you expect them to manage their reps? 

Say they have a team of “rockstar” sellers who always hit quota, does that mean they don’t need a manager? If the manager isn’t spending time actively developing them, is their job just to sit back and take the praise?

You should know what tasks and activities they are doing to get the job done. You should note how they interact with their team and with others. You should review their performance not just on numbers but on their contribution to the team.

If you’re not doing this, you’re doing yourself, your manager and your reps a disservice.

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