Make sure your team knows their worth

Your reps are more than just their quotas.

When you sit down to review the team, the question is usually “did they hit their number?” but over the course of a quarter or a year the things that make it feel like a win are so much more than that.

Do you see the person who steps up to coach their peers? Or develops resources for the team? Or contributes to team morale in other ways?

Are you spotting that, praising and actively developing it?

Don’t be the only-cares-about-the-numbers, micromanaging, wolf-of-wall-street-wannabe, chasing-$$-at-the-expense-of-people person. Don’t ever be that.

Be the manager your reps remember for the good stuff. Enable, train, coach, motivate. Be there for your reps. They’ll be there when you need them to be

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