Hope, pray & try are not strategies

There are two types of reps, when it comes to pipeline reviews:

One flies through them, they cross their t’s and dot their i’s and know what they are doing with each opportunity. They have a clear plan of action and know what next step needs to be done. They have a sense of where their numbers are and what they are doing to get deals across the line.

The other spends the session squirming and when you ask them about deals and activities, they ‘hope this will get signed off’ and they’ll ‘try to get that one through next week’.

One of these reps is more likely to make their number 😉

The first rep comes at a pipeline review open to feedback. They see it as an opportunity to uncover things they can improve. The second, feels like they are in the firing line and doesn’t want you to shine a light on their issues.

Thinking about that difference, what can you do to help everyone have the positive experience? 

Is there something about how you approach them that you could tweak? Is everyone clear about why you do them in the first place? What’s the tone of your feedback? What’s YOUR expectation of the pipeline review – are you concerned only with hitting a number, or are you actively looking for coaching opportunities?

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