Are your reps doing their homework?

You’re stretched thin and there’s more to do than there are minutes in the day.

You’re doing your best to support, motivate and coach your reps daily.

You guide them on deals, plays and skills, and hope that they go away with the coaching and advice you gave, use it, and keep getting better each time.

The problem is, the minute you’ve helped them and they go back to their work, an email or Slack message swoops in and steals their attention. 

That conversation you had? 

Gone, into the ether.

The annoyingly simple way to avoid that is to give them homework. Set clear expectations, let them know they are on the hook to actually *do something* based on your conversation. Then next time you talk, follow up to see how/if it helped.

Simple, but also annoyingly tough to do consistently.

We’re working on that though 😉

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