All about that coaching

“74% of reps say they received no coaching, while 78% of managers claimed they were great coaches.” That’s some mismatch!

It’s a widely shared stat that I also use regularly when I’m talking about our “why” for

We recently ran a survey with interesting results. 30% of reps said they get coaching, and 60% of managers said they were actively trying to get better at coaching. That wasn’t just from our customers, so we can’t claim a single handed impact (yet!) and I think it shows that the attitude is changing. 

I’m also seeing:

  • more new products in some kind of coaching category
  • more appetite from reps for coaching
  • more managers looking for a culture of coaching from the top down (VP’s and sales leaders need to enable this and lead by example)
  • more coaching / enablement product companies getting funded, with bigger funding rounds
  • companies introducing sales enablement earlier
  • “sales manager enablement” getting traction as a specific approach
  • salespeople becoming even more mobile in their careers, and not just for money… refusing to stick with a company that forces outdated sales methodologies, mandatory office time, no coaching and development.

It’s a really exciting time (Almost like 10 years ago when sales engagement platforms were just taking off).

I believe 2022-2025 will be an explosive growth period for all things enablement and coaching.

Watch this space!

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