Don’t just forecast.
Map a path to your number.

Connect deal management and forecasting with

  • Map a path to your goal using the deals in your pipeline, not just averages and weighted totals
  • Get on the same page with reps about their priorities
  • Spot issues with key deals early and share feedback to guide reps back on track
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Avoid storytime in pipeline reviews

It’s easy to get distracted when reps talk about their big logo or recent demo, instead of focusing on deal progression.


Go beyond weightings for the full picture

Stage probability of 80% predicts the future value of the deals in that stage, but it doesn’t help prioritise them.


Deal with issues as soon as they happen

When deals get moved out of quarter or the value drops, you might not realise until it hits you at EOQ.

Get confidence in your commit

How does my pipeline map to my goal?

Coverage looks generous and probability metrics say you’re good to go. But can you really stand behind it without knowing which deals you’re relying on?

Forecast gets into the detail you need to plan and execute.

Have a plan A, B, and more

Which deals are we relying on?

You want each rep thinking about their “book of business” and how to prioritise their effort.

Deal triage lets you make plans, even before you move deals into those committed stages.

Keep conversations focused

What do you need help with?

Keeping pipeline reviews snappy and useful is tough when you’re bouncing from deals board to dashboard and hoping the rep remembers it all after they launch into back-to-back demos.

The rep canvas brings what you need into view and makes it easy to focus on planning to win.

Avoid being blindsided

What happened to that deal?

When you’re faced with a pipeline full of deals, it’s tough to remember which ones you talked about or spot those forecast risks.

Alerts and issues give you a heads up when things might be going sideways.

Get straight to the point

Is this deal progressing?

No need to dig for hidden details or fathom the meaning of everything you see on the CRM deal page.

Deal check lets you review what’s important and share your feedback on the spot.

I need it now

It’s less expensive than you think
and you definitely don’t need ops to set it up.

You can use even if:

  • You haven’t achieved repeatability in your process
  • You don’t have years of historical CRM data
  • You don’t use a particular sales methodology
  • Your CRM setup isn’t perfectly polished

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