Pipeline & deal review software for founders

Run pipeline reviews with your reps like an expert.

Do less “what’s going on with your deals?”
and more “How are we going to win?”

HubSpot is built to do everything.

Ctrl.io is built for pipeline reviews.

Listen to the person closest to the deal

Reps rate their confidence on the deals they are counting as ‘maybe’ or ‘likely’ for this quarter, without the pressure of an official commit.

It’s the first step towards prioritising everyone’s focus.

See progress at a glance

Don’t get lost in metrics or trying to look at every deal in the pipeline.

Spot the issues that will impact your deals (and your quarter) soon enough to do something about it.

Prioritise the right things

Spend less time in pipeline reviews bouncing between deal tabs and dashboards.

Keep your conversation focused on helping reps close deals and hit quota.

Forecast with confidence

Go beyond weighted averages.

Use what you’ve learned from being in the deals to triangulate your forecast, so you can map a path to your number with confidence (and have a plan b in place).

HubSpot logo

Built exclusively for HubSpot,
works on any plan (even the free one)

It doesn’t need to be complicated

Simple setup

Sign up, connect HubSpot, add your team, and you’re ready to go in a few minutes.

Simple pricing

$99 per month per team. That’s one manager and unlimited reps.

Simple to use

Everything is built on exactly what you need to see as a manager, not a data analyst.

Who loves it

Is this you?

Ctrl.io will be a great fit if:

  • Your deal cycle is over 30 days
  • Your reps have at least 20 deals in-flight
  • You track deals through a multi stage process
  • You have regular pipeline reviews with your reps