Ctrl.io for Sales Managers

You want to coach your team.
You know you need to be in the deals.

With Ctrl.io, deals are the launchpad for coaching.

Built around your day-to-day

Pipeline reviews & 1:1s

Keep the focus on deals, actions and following up to make an impact with each conversation.

  • Pull in the deals you've reviewed so you have clear examples
  • Check if action has been taken from your last conversation without having to dig
  • Use templates without the tediousness of having to copy and paste


Your 1:1s during their first weeks and months can be the key to making the training stick.

  • Drive progress with clear actions that are easy to follow up
  • Understand how they are applying learning, deal by deal
  • Set clear expectations with established criteria for reviewing deals

Team development

Use Ctrl.io to manage a development path for each person on the team so you're ready to make the most of their individual strengths and skills.

  • Understand what skills are required for growth
  • Align development plans to rep skills
  • Have visibility into skill progression

Performance reviews

All of your notes and updates from your day-to-day in one place makes it so much easier to pull together a quarterly or annual review.

  • Note regular observations day-to-day
  • Review previous event notes and rep actions for patterns
  • Have your coaching diary in one place

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