Ctrl.io for Sales Managers

Deal-based coaching

The only coaching tool based on your day to day workflow.

You want to coach your team.
You know you need to be in the deals.
Ctrl.io helps you do both, better.

Ctrl.io puts the coaching loop at the centre of your...

Pipeline reviews & 1:1s

Keep the focus on deals, actions and following up to make an impact with each conversation.

  • Pull in the deals you've reviewed so you have clear examples
  • Check if action has been taken from your last conversation without having to dig
  • Use templates without the tediousness of having to copy and paste


Your 1:1s during their first weeks and months can be the key to making the training stick.

  • Drive progress with clear actions that are easy to follow up
  • Understand how they are applying learning, deal by deal
  • Set clear expectations with established criteria for reviewing deals

Team development

Use Ctrl.io to manage a development path for each person on the team so you're ready to make the most of their individual strengths and skills.

  • Understand what skills are required for growth
  • Align development plans to rep skills
  • Have visibility into skill progression

Performance reviews

All of your notes and updates from your day-to-day in one place makes it so much easier to pull together a quarterly or annual review.

  • Note regular observations day-to-day
  • Review previous event notes and rep actions for patterns
  • Have your coaching diary in one place

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