About Ctrl.io


What I wish I'd known as a new sales manager...

Hard won lessons from years of experience

Over many years working in sales and product, our cofounders have amassed a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to starting and scaling a sales function.

It's not a 'once and done' kind of thing

One of the key truths gleaned from working with sales and product teams is that the right behaviour doesn’t stick unless you continue to update, reinforce and coach.

More accessible than consulting

We want to share the benefits of our learning in a scalable way, and provide the level of ongoing support that helps sales managers stay on top of the most important areas of their role.

So, we created Ctrl.io

It has the convenience of software, backed by the depth of knowledge of the people behind it.

The evolution of Good Fit Sales

As part of the process of trying to distil those lessons learned over the years, we analysed the commonalities and were able to identify a central theme. That’s why we’ve put Good Fit Sales at the centre of everything.

Here's how it all comes together...


No space here for mercenary, deal-at-any-cost sales reps.

Get clear about your ideal customer and how you solve their problems, and get ahead of churn upstream.


Strip away complexity and heavy admin, whatever your CRM.

Focus on doing the right thing at the right time so nothing falls through the cracks.


Look beyond dashboard metrics.

See what’s working (or what isn’t), and how to steer things back on track.

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Your mission control for Good Fit Sales

Ctrl.io has all the tools you need to prepare and support your team.

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